The 5th World Conference for Graduate Research
in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

Travelling to Cappadocia
The 4th Conference

Following the success of the first four series, the fifth conference will be held in Cappadocia, the beautiful and historic region of Turkey, once again hosted by the journal Anatolia. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for research collaboration and mentoring of emerging tourism researchers in order to share their research experience. We invite scholars from tourism studies and the wider social sciences to join us. Papers can be submitted for the following two categories:
Thesis/dissertations: Open only for graduate students to reflect the summary of their thesis or dissertations in terms of the development of hypotheses and methodology and showing the way how it may contribute to the literature.
Research papers: Open both for graduates and faculty members who are encouraged to submit their regular conceptual or empirical papers.
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Videos and Virtual Tour: Cappadocia and Turkey
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(Panoramic Tour)
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25 - 30 May 2010, Cappadocia, Turkey